Brown & James Chief Operating Officer Kathy A. Johnson Honored by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as Unsung Legal Hero – Firm Administrator

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July 18, 2016

Brown & James, P.C. is pleased to announce that Missouri Lawyers Weekly, in its inaugural Unsung Legal Hero Award edition, has recognized Chief Operating Officer Kathy A. Johnson as an Unsung Legal Hero – Firm Administrator.

Missouri Lawyers Weekly has implemented a new honors program to recognize non-lawyer personnel of law firms who play a critical, behind-the-scenes role in a law firm’s success. The honors program recognizes that the success of a law firm is not just due to the legal work of a firm’s lawyers. A firm’s success also depends on the efforts and dedication of the firm’s non-lawyer personnel.

In the case of Brown & James, this is especially true of Kathy Johnson. Missouri Lawyers Weekly could have chosen no firm administrator more deserving to receive the inaugural edition of this award than Ms. Johnson. She plays an indispensable role in the firm’s success, managing all non-legal aspects of the firm’s operations. Her careful stewardship of the firm, quiet management style, intelligence, diplomacy, and long, long hours of work have been integral to the firm’s success over the years. 

Congratulations to Ms. Johnson on behalf of the firm! No law firm administrator is more deserving of this award. Thank you for your dedication and many years of service to Brown & James. You are truly indispensable to our success.

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