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Nine Defense Verdicts Leads The Pack

February 28, 2014

Brown & James, P.C. has been named the "Winningest Defense Firm" by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as part of the publication's year-end awards ceremony, held January 24 at the Hilton at the Ballpark Hotel in St. Louis.  With nine defense verdicts reported, this marks the sixth consecutive year that the firm has held the top honor for the most defense verdicts in the state of Missouri.

Here are some of the recognized successes that our talented team of lawyers were able to achieve for our clients this past year:

Jury Sides with Defense Amid Allegations of Bad Cow Feed
The farm-owning plaintiffs alleged to purchasing defective dairy feed from the defendant, a farm supply company. Upon switching to the defendant's brand of feed from another, the plaintiffs claimed to notice decreased performance, milk production and health problems within their cow herd. The plaintiffs claimed they eventually sent the defendant's feed off to a lab to be tested, and reportedly discovered the protein content was much lower than what they had thought they were getting. They claimed that all of the damages with their herd were a result of the feed purchased from the defendant, which they reported were approximately $500,000. The defense concluded that the plaintiffs had a similar problem with poor quality forage prior to dealing with the defendant. The jury returned a unanimous verdict on all counts.
(Bradley Hansmann and John Cooney)

Jury: Bar Not Responsible for Patron's Fall off Pool Table, Broken Wrist
The plaintiff climbed on top of a pool table at defendant's bar to hang decorations and fell, breaking her wrist and striking her head.  The plaintiff argued that the defendant placed the plaintiff in a dangerous position by asking her to hang decorations above the pool table, which resulted in her broken wrist when she fell off the table climbing down. She sought $95,000 for her injuries. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.
(Bradley Hansmann and Patrick Cody)

Jury Sides with Insurer on Coverage Question
Brown & James successfully defended an insurance company against a $140,000 insurance action. The plaintiff stated that another vehicle forced her off the road, resulting in her accident and injuries.  She sought uninsured motorist coverage, costs, attorney's fees and penalties under her policy claim for breach of contract and on her claim for vexatious refusal to pay. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.
(Brendon Sanders and Bradley Hansmann)

Ozark County Jury Rules in Favor of Illinois Woman Who Bought Land
The plaintiff took a $450,000 judgment against the defendant's company.  The underlying claim alleged the defendant knew the real property belonged to the plaintiff, and it interfered with the title and disrupted his business. In the underlying judgment, the plaintiff was awarded nearly $150,000 in actual damages and $300,000 in punitive damages. The plaintiff attempted to collect on that judgment and pierce the corporate veil of the defendant in the lawsuit, asking the jury for $750,000. The jury returned a complete defense verdict.
(David Bub and J.C. Pleban)

Company Not Liable for Man's Injuries After He Punched Glass
The plaintiff volunteered to help the defendant, a glass company, clean up its booth at a music festival. The booth involved patrons hitting golf balls into glass, several yards away, in an attempt to shatter the glass. The plaintiff offered to help clean up, and while doing so, punched a piece of glass, incurring $68,000 in medical charges.  He risked losing his right arm. At the hospital his blood alcohol was .14. The jury returned a defense verdict and found the plaintiff 100% at fault.
(Jackie Kinder and Brendon Sanders)

Jury Decides in Favor of Man Whose Cow Got Loose
The driver of a pickup suffered shoulder, neck and back injuries as a result of a collision with an escaped cow on the highway.  He sued the cow's owner for $40,000 in negligence with regards to improper fencing of the animal. The jury found that the defendant had the proper fencing and did everything in his power to prevent this from happening. The trial lasted two days, and the jury deliberated for 20 minutes before returning the defense verdict.
(John Cooney)

Jury Sides with Safeco over Man on Scooter
Brown & James successfully defended an insurance company against a $50,000 insurance action. The plaintiff claimed breach of contract and vexatious refusal to pay against the defendant arising out of a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff claimed a phantom vehicle forced his scooter into a parked vehicle. A unanimous jury verdict was returned in favor for the defendant.
(Michael Maguire and Brendon Sanders)

Hospital Did Not Delay Treatment, Jury Finds
A surgeon removed most of the plaintiff's colon because of the risk of colon cancer.  He was discharged from the hospital and later returned with complaints of abdominal pain and drainage from the surgical wound. The plaintiff returned a second and third time with leakage and fluid collection where he was then treated with antibiotics.  The plaintiff later developed a hernia that was treated with corrective surgery.  The hospital's position was that there was no delay in diagnosing the leak and that all he had experienced are known complications of colon surgery.  The plaintiff sought $1.2 million. A verdict for the defense was returned.
(Philip Willman and Angela Pozzo)

Plumbing Company Not Liable in Sewer Back Up
The defendant was hired to replace a sewer lateral connecting a residence to the plaintiff's sewer main.  The plaintiff alleged that the defendant's use of back fill material near its sewer main resulted in the main becoming blocked and causing a backup into an adjoining home. The plaintiff sought $27,000. The jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendant, finding the plaintiff 100% at fault.
(Russell Watters and Brendon Sanders)

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