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Legal News

5/9/2017 Missouri Passes Employment Law Reform
The Missouri Legislature passed sweeping amendments to Missouri's employment discrimination law.

5/8/2017 Missouri General Assembly Passes Fair Settlements Bill
The Missouri General Assembly passed H.B. 339/714.

3/5/2017 Social Media Research and the Jury
With the stakes of empaneling a sympathetic jury so high, it is not surprising that attorneys have grasped at whatever advantage they can to find a more perfect jury.

2/17/2017 City of St. Louis Bans Discrimination Based upon Reproductive Health Decisions—UPDATED
St. Louis City is only the fourth jurisdiction in the United States to pass a similar law.

3/5/2016 Circling the Wagons: Preparing for the Showdown
Depositions of employees of corporate defendants can be the “make or break” moment in the course of litigation.

5/2/2012 Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer: An Update on the Plaintiff's Bar's Attack on the Trucking Industry
Staying abreast of plaintiffs’ lawyers strategies has almost become as important as knowing the FMCSA regulations.

4/8/2011 Illinois Reverses Rail Carrier Asbestos Ruling
Illinois recently reversed a Madison County ruling denying a motion to dismiss an asbestos case for forum non conveniens. The decision constitutes a significant defense victory for parties involved in the Madison County asbestos litigation.

4/6/2011 Limitation on UM/UIM Insurance Coverage Stacking in Illinois
Illinois courts have found that stacking can be appropriate when an insurance policy is ambiguous concerning the uninsured/underinsured coverage that it provides.

4/4/2011 Carmack: Liability Implications for Interstate Carriers
The 1906 Carmack Amendment was enacted to govern bills of lading in the rail industry. It has been altered and recodified over the last century and in its current form, provides a uniform system of liability for interstate rail and motor carriers.

4/1/2011 McHaffie Still the Trucking Company’s Best Friend?
The status on McHaffie v. Bunch, 891 S.W.2d 822 (Mo. banc 1995), and its use as a shield against claims for negligent hiring, negligent retention, and negligent supervision in the trucking industry.

3/30/2011 Increasing Role of Transportation Indemnity Agreements
An examination of how to determine the allocation of insurance proceeds amongst concurrent insurers in the transportation industry.

3/28/2011 An Examination of the "Rules of the Road"
This article summarizes the “Rules of the Road” technique and deconstructs the plaintiff’s strategy for proving liability in trucking cases.

8/31/2010 Missouri High Court Adopts Progressive Loss Doctrine
The Missouri Supreme Court recently handed down a decision that could have a substantial impact on Missouri insurance law in a progressive loss property damage case.

8/30/2010 Missouri Stacks Statutory Liability Under Auto Policies
On January 12, 2010, the Missouri Supreme Court handed down a decision that addressed two significant aspects of the Missouri Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law.

8/30/2010 Mandatory Relation Back: Krupski v. Costa Crociere, S.p.A.
In a recent decision, the United States Supreme Court interpreted Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15(c) and found relation back is mandatory if the requirements of Rule 15(c) are met.

8/26/2010 Illinois' Toxic Tort Liability: "Take-Home Exposure"
The Fifth District of the Appellate Court of Illinois dramatically expanded an employer’s potential liability to employees' family members in toxic tort cases and validated an emerging theory of liability: "Take-home exposure."

8/26/2010 Emotional Distress Covered by UM Policies
The Missouri Supreme Court has opened the doors to permit the recovery of damages under uninsured motorist (UM) policies for emotional distress in cases in which the insured has sustained no bodily injury.

8/24/2010 Bankruptcy Filings Sinks Subsequent Claims Presentation
Missouri courts recently affirmed the importance and usefulness of an insured’s prior bankruptcy as evidence that an insured has misrepresented the nature and extent of his or her personal property claim.

8/23/2010 Missouri Supreme Court Issues Opinions On Wrongful Discharge
On February 9, 2010, the Missouri Supreme Court issued three opinions that change the law governing wrongful discharge for violation of public policy.

5/24/2010 Missouri Adopts Strict Liability for Dog Bites
The new Missouri Senate Bill 184 became law and provides for one of the most sweeping changes in animal liability law in Missouri in the past 50 years.

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